Salvia illegal in Louisiana

topic posted Fri, July 8, 2005 - 1:28 PM by  Flakey
The governor of Louisiana just sign into law a bill that makes it illegal to use Salvia and many other plants. This law goes into effect Aug 15th.
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    Re: Salvia illegal in Louisiana

    Sat, July 9, 2005 - 6:54 PM
    Spread the plant while you still can...
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      Wed, July 13, 2005 - 9:18 PM
      I'm trying to, man, but my plants sure aren't looking good...
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        Fri, July 15, 2005 - 1:40 AM
        what are the symptoms?

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          Fri, July 15, 2005 - 2:03 AM
          Start stockpiling extract.... . . . 2x5x10x13x20x21.... . .. . . Vamanos.. .. . . .
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            Mon, July 18, 2005 - 7:27 AM
            There are huge loopholes in this salvia bill that allow growers to possess sally legally. Using the plant or extracting salvinorin to use is illegal. This sets a terrible precident for botanical "non-consumables" sellers in general. So yes, stockpiling a supply of salvinorin produucts now is a great idea.
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          Fri, July 15, 2005 - 10:52 AM
          Well, putting aside the whitefly and aphid infestation that is a complete mystery to me how they got (I got them as cuttings - no soil - potted them in new pots with new potting soil in a house that hadn't had any houseplants for months since it had been for sale)...they've had a bad problem with the leaves browning and getting crisp at the edges and moving inward as well as some leaves just wilting and falling off.

          I think I may have overwatered at first but I'm watering only when the soil is dry now.
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            Sat, July 16, 2005 - 8:41 AM
            You can use a weak dishsoap solution to suffocate the aphid and whiteflies. What kind of fertiliser have you been using, and how often have you been using it?

            I think the leaf browning/crispy edges phenomenon happens in all but the most ideal situations. I have 7 plants and all of them have a few leaves that are going crispy round the edges. Still, the plants are reasonably healthy. Save the leaves that fall off, as you can use them either to smoke/quid or in making tincture.

            I may have mentioned this before (please forgive if it's the case), but you can go to and get some gardening advice there. If you have pictures to post, that's even better.

            Oh, and I recall you were looking for some clay pots a while back...I have two extra ones if you want them. Just let me know. They are smallish--about 6" or so, but good for smaller cuttings.
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              Tue, July 19, 2005 - 8:09 AM
              Got access to putting them in actual soil? Not pots, but soil. You would be surprised at the jump in health once she is back into the earth...
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                Tue, July 19, 2005 - 9:24 AM
                Yeah, I have a yard but I was trying to get them stabilized before planting them because I'd read that slugs and snails love them. I didn't want them to get decimated. Of course, the whiteflies and aphids aren't leaving them alone...
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                  Tue, July 19, 2005 - 8:28 PM
                  Well... there are some very simple solutions. Slug bait (you get the ferrous oxide stuff, not dangerous to other critters) plant in semi shade if you have had your babies inside... as you may be in the bay area, salvias do very, very well there. You will have cuttings galore very, very soon. The plant is very hardy believe it or not. You have to have a black thumb to do it harm. Just be attentive. Think of them as psycho-active tomatoes. I have grown them for 10 years. I started all cautious as well. Let them guide you, using your intuition..

                  White Fly: Wash the plants off daily with a light spray. That will eventually wear the white flies down. Do it pretty thoroughly each time. S

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            Wed, July 20, 2005 - 10:37 AM
            For aphids, use this:


            I used it on our cherry tree, which was filthy with aphids, and all of them died where I sprayed. It's completely organic and non-toxic, and I'm told you can drink the stuff if you want (which I don't). Ladybugs will go to town on aphids, but they're hard to use indoors.

            The crispy-leaf phenomenon you described is ypical of a chemical burn resulting from overfertilization. Characteristic is the drying of the leaves from the edges toward the stem. Stop fertilizing, and just water normally. Also, you might consider flushing the pot for a few minutes with cool water, and then drain thoroughly. If you aren't using fertilizer, it could be your tap water, especially if you live in an area where the water has a high mineral content. Try using filtered water instead.

            Your method of watering sounds right. You don't want the soil to dry out completely, but neither do you want it to be too wet all the time. Try mixing some soil with plenty of perlite, which creates air cavities. The roots need air as well as water, and soil which is too compact can cause root rot. But that doesn't sound like your problem in this case.
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              Wed, July 20, 2005 - 9:09 PM
              I haven't fertilized them except for transplant shock stuff when i first potted them. Maybe it's the tap water.

              I've been spraying with a dilute solution of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap but of course some lands on the soil and I've been afraid of what the buildup would do to the plants. Thanks for the tip, though, as I'm always on the lookout for organic solutions to disease and pests.
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                Sat, July 23, 2005 - 7:25 PM
                You realize that when that proto-fascist fuck-face gets on the supreme court
                that brazilain ayahuscha church is doomed, the california weed smokin' clubs are doomed and botanical rights in general are under fire. Things are looking grim for our psychonaut heros
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                  Tue, July 26, 2005 - 11:16 AM
                  Not necessarily. After all, we are talking about a religious nutcase, who wants to inextricably tie church and state. Since this country was founded on freedom of religion, and since there are a number of precedents where the courts have sided with churches' rights to practice their traditional rites, it's unlikely they'd make a move to dismember these churches. They'd just be shooting themselves in the foot.

                  I think we need to form a new church for Lady Salvia. I was thinking of calling it something like "Our Lady of Wisdom". Anyone like to join?
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                    Re: Salvia illegal in Louisiana

                    Tue, July 26, 2005 - 4:18 PM
                    I just had that same thought today, maybe it might protect us under the umbrella of "freedom of religon" laws.

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                Sun, July 24, 2005 - 2:56 AM
                No problem about Dr. Bronner's: I was going to suggest that to you, as a matter of fact! I think you'd have to pour a fair amount of the concentrate on your soil to make an impact on the plant's health.

                Nard Löd
                • Re: Salvia illegal in Louisiana

                  Tue, July 26, 2005 - 12:35 PM
                  but there is the "right church" and the "wrong churches"
                  i doubt (i may be wrong) that TM, Zen, Sceintology or anything outside
                  of mainstream protestantism is reciving funds as a "faith based" programs

                  they want fire (pronounced far!) and brimstone 10 commandments sin and salvation type stuff. these guys have a specific agenda to re-create the 1950's
                  but with witch-burnings this time
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                    Re: Salvia illegal in Louisiana

                    Tue, July 26, 2005 - 5:07 PM
                    Oh, there's no question about that. But even then, they have to adhere mostly to the letter of the law. If they start legislating to allow more church/state collusion, they will paint themselves into a corner regarding other religions. Writing laws to favor a specific religion (eg. Evangelical Christianity) will no doubt be seen as unconstitutional. And again, there are already precedents.

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